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BriteSmile One Hour Teeth Whitening

Paso Robles, CA, in San Luis Obispo County, Wedding Guide…Dr. Grant E. Marcum offers $100 off (single procedure) $125 off (2 or more) Brite*Smile One Hour Teeth Whitening (reg. price $550) an in office treatment. Most treatment is performed on the same day with results up to 15 shades lighter in one hour. Best results if you have had a dental cleaning within the past 6 months. Studies show the color is stable for 2-3 years following treatment if you adhere to strict guidelines the first 24 hours following the treatment. If you are interested call for a complementary consultation today. GEMsmiles.com 1004 Vine Street, Paso Robles, CA (805)238-1033.

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  1. Most teeth whitening products contain a % of Hydrogen Peroxide in them. The 2 products most commonly used in our office are the BriteSmile One-Hour whitening & the Discus Nite White. The Nite White is formulated with ACP and following the BriteSmile we Apply “Relief ACP” gel. The ACP contains, Potassium Nitrate, Soduim Flouride, Calcium Nitrate, & other ingrediants which help to remineralize the enamal and seal the tubules. It is my opinion, the Nite White & the BriteSmile have an extremely low rate of sensitivity in our office.

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