Dentures in Templeton, CA

Best Dentist Templeton - Older couple smiling with dentures

Dr. Grant E. Marcum and our expert staff offer a variety of restorations, including dentures in Paso Robles or for Templeton patients.

If you’re suffering through pain and discomfort from existing teeth and are having difficulty with daily tasks such as eating, chewing, and talking, dentures may be an appropriate fit for you.

From new dentures to replacements to implant-supported dentures—we have the expertise and skills to make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible.

What are implant-supported dentures?

In short, implant-supported dentures are the combination of dental implants and dentures. It offers a tremendous amount of precision in terms of fit, making them more comfortable than traditional dentures.

At our office, we work closely with high quality labs to fabricate your denture. We take photographs and evaluate your bone structure and facial symmetry to be sure we’re developing a piece that will look and feel natural.

Get a sneak peek with our wax model.

Before crafting your denture, you have the opportunity to try a wax model to preview it. We won’t finalize your restoration until you’re satisfied!

Find out your options with dentures in Paso Robles by contacting us today!