Metal-Free Fillings by Templeton Dentists

Metal-free fillings are more durable and long lasting.

A young woman smiling with her metal-free fillings

Beautiful Restorations

At some point in your life, you may need one or more dental fillings in Templeton or Paso Robles area.

In the past, these were frequently done with metal. Although white fillings were available, many professionals thought they were less durable than metal restorations. However, with recent advances in dental adhesion, resins, lasers, and ceramics, the opposite is true!

We Exclusively Offer Metal-Free Fillings

Extensive studies have revealed metal-free dental fillings are more durable than traditional metal fillings.

With these modern materials, metal-free dental fillings in Paso Robles are less invasive and preserve the integrity of your tooth. Plus, they closely match the color of your natural teeth, enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your smile.

You no longer have to compromise the beauty of your smile to obtain durable, long-lasting fillings. Call our office today to schedule your metal-free filling appointment.

Metal-free fillings

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