Laser Treatment for Apthous Ulcers (Canker Sores)

What is an Apthous Ulcer?

Oral Apthous Ulcers (Canker Sores) are one of the most common types of mouth sores. They are a painful round or oval ulcerations that form inside the mouth. They have a white membrane-coated center that is surrounded by a red border. (as shown below)

These lesions first appear as a raised, reddened area that may have a tingling sensation. It then transforms into an ulceration that may become as large as 1/4 of an inch. Without treatment canker sores can be extremely painful and last an average of two weeks.

. canker

What Causes Canker Sores?

The cause of Aphthous ulcers is not completely understood. Some studies suggest a genetic component others point to Dysregulation of the immune system.

Common causes of canker sores:

  • Autoimmune Diseases – ( E.G. Crohn’s Disease, HIV-AIDS, Lupus)
  • Bacterial Infection (Strep)
  • Dietary Issues (Vitamin deficiency)
  • Food Allergies (Wheat, Dairy, Berries, Nuts)
  • Hormonal Changes (Pregnancy, Menopause)
  • Mechanical Trauma (Orthodontic Wires, Cuts, Scrapes)
  • Psychological Stress (Emotional Stress especially if combined with sleep deprivation)
  • Viral Infection (Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, Mono, HHV-6, HHV-8)

How are Lasers Used in Treating Apthous Ulcers (Canker Sores)?

The gentle laser light is focused directly at the canker sore and promotes healing through “photo-biostimulation” deep within the tissues. Laser treatment is state-of-the-art and is extremely effective in treating oral mucosal sores on the lips and in the mouth.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Treatment causes no discomfort during or after the laser.
  • The stinging and/or pain sensation is eliminated within seconds of treatment.
  • Healing time rapid and uneventful (most heal within a matter of days).
  • After treatment sores will reoccur less frequently and with less intensity.

If you have questions or would like to schedule Laser Treatment for Apthous Ulcers or Canker Sores please give our Paso Robles office a call at (805)238-1033.  Dr. Grant E. Marcum and his TEAM of dental professionals are highly skilled and trained in the clinical use of Soft-Tissue Lasers.



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