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Why Are People Choosing Dental Implants? Should You?

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Dental implants protect the healthy function of your teeth by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth.  An artificial root is used to replace a missing tooth. This strong base provides the foundation for a beautiful and durable porcelain crown that will function and look just like one of your own natural teeth.

By filling in missing teeth, you are protecting the healthy function of your teeth because dental implants provide:

  • Protection of healthy bone – when bone is not being used to support natural teeth it begins to deteriorate. Dental implants are the ONLY dental option that preserves and stimulates natural bone.
  • Support for your facial structure – when you lose teeth your facial structure loses support and collapses given a “sunk-in” appearance. Dental implants support the facial structure and maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.
  • A better alternative than dentures – dentures often slip and make it uncomfortable to eat or talk. Dental implants are permanent and fixed in place. You can eat, smile, talk, laugh, and cough without fear.
  • Protection of your healthy teeth – Unlike a bridge, dental implants do not require modifying surrounding healthy teeth to accommodate them. By filling in gaps they also protect surrounding healthy teeth from shifting or drifting.

Are you wondering if dental implants by our Paso Robles expert are the right alternative for you? We would love to discuss this option with you. Contact us or call (805)238-1033 today.

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