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Cost of Porcelain Veeners : San Luis Obispo – Paso Robles

How much do Porcelain Veneers cost?– Is one of the most frequently asked questions in my practice. The reason most dentists are hesitant to answer this question is because truthfully each case is different. According to a national survey prices on Veneers Range from $900 to $2500 and average from $1000 to $1500 a piece. In my office the average case is about $1200 per tooth. If you try, you may be able to find lower prices for Veneers, but I caution patients against bargain shopping for something that will permanantly change their smile. Consumers must understand that Cosmetic Dentistry isn’t a legally recognized specialty and any dentist straight out of dental school can call himself or herself a “Cosmetic Dentist”. Don’t let this fool you. To be done correctly Cosmetic Dentistry requires extensive additional training beyond what we are trained to do in Dental School. Generally speaking, a porcelain dental veneer from a trained, experienced or Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry will be done to a higher standard and tend to cost slightly more (however this isn’t always the case). When researching Cosmetic Dentistry I do not ever recommend price shopping. I prefer to have patients research the dentists training and experience. Visit their office, ask to see photo’s of work they have done. Do you like the Doctor–Trust is a huge factor. I encourage you to call my office and schedule a complimentary consultation if you are interested in meeting me and seeing examples of my work. Call (805)238-1033; my office in Paso Robles is an easy 30 minute drive from San Luis Obispo,CA.