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How to Flash a Picture-Perfect Smile!

How to Flash a Picture-Perfect Smile!

Our Paso Robles Dental Team has compiled a list of a simple steps for learning how to smile successfully for any photo. By following a few easy tips, you can relax and learn to love a picture-perfect smile. Practice Makes Perfect! Practice smiling in the mirror to find your best angle and to find the… Read More

How to Handle A Dental Emergency

How to Handle A Dental Emergency

  Do you know what to do if you or a family member suffers a dental emergency? We’ve put together a list of a few common dental disasters and quick steps to take that can help relieve pain, prevent further damage and possibly even save a tooth. 1. If You Break A Tooth Save any pieces… Read More

Aphthous Ulcers “Cold Sores”-Laser Treatment of Soft Tissue

The use of Laser light in the Medical field has been documented since the 1970’s. The first Dental laser was designed in 1989 by American Dental Technologies. Laser light differs from ordinary light by two properties: (1) it is a single color light (monochromatic); and (2) the light waves themselves are identical in size and… Read More

Sonicare On Sale Now

Sonicare Toothbrush On Sale Now In Our Office. Total gum care recommended by your dental professional. Available with 2 heads & UV Brush Head Sanitizer. Our Prices compare to Target & Costco, Only available to our existing & new patients of record. Stop by to review models & details.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth also known as Xerostomia can be related to multiple physical conditions or environmental factors. The basic cause is the salivary gland not producing enough saliva. Commonly dry mouth is the side affect of perscription medications &/or chemotherapy. It can also be associated with other medical conditions like Diabetes, Lupus or Sjorgren’s syndrome. A… Read More

Your Dentist Could Save Your Life

A recent article in the Readers Digest tells of an Illinois man who almost died of a dental infection. It began with a tooth ache on a Monday by the following Monday he was in the hospital. His check was so swollen he couldn’t open his left eye. The dental infection had invaded the muscles… Read More